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How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions of Consumer Electronics and Accessories

Thursday, March 22, 2012
3:00 - 4:00 PM

Chris Ely
Chris Ely
Manager, Industy Analysis
Consumer Electronics Association

Please RSVP by Wednesday, March, 21. Registration is limited.


Social media websites continue to flourish and attract a high volume of possible consumers on a daily basis. The impact of social media on potential customers is an important concept to analyze when deciding how to market a product in the consumer electronics industry. Social media is an instant access point to millions of individuals, but when deciding how to market a product in such a dynamic space, many may wonder "Which users should be targeted?" and "How should I engage these users?" These questions and more will be answered during this upcoming webinar, presented by Chris Ely, manager of industry analysis at CEA.

Don't miss this presentation on how social media impacts consumer purchase behavior of consumer electronics (CE) products, particularly accessories.

Participants will learn

This webcast reviews CEA's recent study on the impact social media plays in the decision to purchase CE products and accessories. Specific trends analyzed in this webcast will include:

  • Consumers' overall social media habits
  • The prevalence of contributing and/or viewing commentary about consumer electronics and accessories on the Internet
  • The roles of social media and/or attitude in the decision to purchase consumer electronics
Who should attend

Anyone involved in the marketing, manufacturing or selling of consumer electronics and accessories

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