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Clever Uses For Your Tablet

Here are some things you probably didn’t known you could do with a tablet:
At home:

  • Digital photo frame: prop it up anywhere to display a photo or slideshow.
  • Digital recipe book: tablets are your friend in the kitchen, giving you not only quick access to your recipes, but can also serve as a cook timer and quickly convert measurements or scale recipes.
  • Portable TV/radio: with third-party apps you can stream your favorite TV shows or tune into any number of Internet radio and streaming music services.
  • Remote control: native and third party apps let you control just about anything in your home, like entertainment systems, lighting and thermostats.
  • Computer Monitor: With the right apps for your device and PC, you can use your tablet as an “extended” (second) monitor.
In the car:

  • Rear seat entertainment: strapped to the seat back, tablets make excellent in-car video players.
  • In-dash navigation and multimedia: certified mobile electronics installers can integrate a tablet PC with your existing in-car electronics to turn your device into the ultimate in-car multimedia and navigation device.
On the go:

  • Laptop: Paired with a Bluetooth or docking keyboard, tablets can tackle many of the tasks you might otherwise carry a laptop to perform.