Gift Guide: eReader Accessories

eBook readers, or eReaders for short, topped holiday wish lists last year, and make a great gift all year-round. The Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and the Sony Reader are among the most popular eReaders, though there are literally dozens of eReaders on the market.

Whether you’re giving or receiving an eReader, be sure to include some accessories. Protective gear, reading lights and eBookstore gift certificates all make great gifts to go along with a brand new eReader.
Here’s a look at the hottest eReader accessories:
Jackets and Cases
An eReader needs protection. It’s easy, if not inevitable, to accumulate scratches and blemishes on your new device. Many eReaders come packaged with a no-frills cover, but take a look at the multitudes of cases, sleeves and other protective covers available for eReaders. Handmade and designer cases let you make a fashion statement; water-proof solutions are perfect for pool-side or bathtub reading; and travel cases give you room for ID, credit cards and other essentials.
An eReader skin is a sticker- or decal-type product that lets you personalize your device with any number of designs, logos and characters. Many skins are not only decorative, but also protective. They are also easily removable so that you can switch up your design without worrying about a sticky mess being left behind on your device.
Screen Protectors
While not the most exciting accessory ever made, a screen protector is probably one of the most essential accessories for an eReader. Unlike traditional LCD screens found on most consumer electronics gadgets, eReader screens use a special ePaper technology that mimics the look of ink on paper. As such, a flawless screen is essential for optimum readability. Screen protectors guard against the inevitable scratches and blemishes without detracting from image quality.
eReader Book Lights
Book lights are a great accessory for eReaders, and a must for those who read at night because eReader screens are not back lit. Like an old-fashioned paper book, you will need external lighting to read an eReader in low-light conditions. Traditional book lights work just fine, though you may prefer a specially designed eReader light or a case with a built-in book light.
eBookstore Gift Cards
eReaders are nothing without content so eBookstore gift cards make the perfect eReader accessory. Remember that many eReaders use proprietary eBookstores, so be sure to match the device (e.g., Kindle, Nook) to the eBookstore gift certificate (e.g., Amazon, Barnes and Noble).
Travel Chargers
Travel chargers are a must for those who use their eReaders on the road. Many eReaders come packaged with wall chargers, but 12-Volt automotive chargers and international travel chargers are great accessories to ensure your eReader is ready when you are.

eReaders are sleek and slick. Unlike traditional books and magazines, they are hard to keep positioned at a comfortable reading angle without sliding. Stands allow you to prop up your eReader at the perfect angle on places like your desk or an airline seat-back tray. These affordable accessories make a great gift.

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