Rear-Seat Entertainment System Features

Restless children are one of the most common sources of driver distraction that cause accidents. Rear-seat video systems for movies and games that keep children and passengers occupied can only help drivers pay more attention to what’s in front of them on the road. Those who have used rear-seat entertainment systems understand the advantage of choosing an aftermarket rear-seat video system vs. one sold as a dealer option, as you’ll get a more advanced system and at a better price. In fact, many car dealers already work with local mobile electronics retailers to provide their customers with the best options and values. Here are some of the feature to look for while shopping for your rear-seat entertainment system.

Internet Access

New rear-seat entertainment systems offer high-definition overheard monitors with touch-screen capability allowing rear-seat passengers an interesting alternative to watching videos: Internet access. Utilizing a cell phone service to connect to the Internet, users can touch the screen or utilize a keyboard for navigation and control. This has allowed in-car computing to resurface, as rear-seat passengers now have the opportunity to access the Internet, digital cable programming and more through rear-seat entertainment devices.

Another hot topic is compressed video as manufacturers look to eliminate the need to bring multiple DVD videos into the car. Manufacturers are also looking at making their rear-seat video systems compatible with the burgeoning portable video player market.

Multiple Sources, Multiple Displays

There are a couple of ways electronics manufacturers have tackled the problem of providing multiple passengers with multiple entertainment options. One way is through headrest monitors, which provide two screens and can play up to two viewing sources at one time. But for those who don’t want to cut into a seat's headrest, overhead monitors are a good alternative. Some manufacturers have added multiple screens to an overhead monitor while others have incorporated what is called Picture-In-Picture technology.

Additional Video Ports

A common feature in the mobile-electronics industry is an external video port. Some call them game ports. These ports can be installed anywhere in the vehicle, and allow users to connect a gaming console or camcorder to a rear-seat entertainment system. Consult with your mobile-electronics professional to learn more.

Headphone Flexibility

Switching between video sources is one thing, but what about switching the audio? Most mobile video manufactures incorporate a feature on the included headphones that allow passengers to switch between audio sources.