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5 Things You Need To Know from Today’s Apple Announcement

By: Don Schaefer 10 September 2013
Today, Apple finally drew back the curtain on their latest technologies. Did you catch the announcements during the event? Here are the top things you need to know:

1. iOS7: Coming September 18. It will add over 200 new features, including an advanced Siri, updated Notification Center and a peer-to-peer sharing program called AirDrop.
2. iPhone: Two new designs will be released, the 5C and the 5S, on September 20. The iPhone 5C will be a “limited” model, costing less and holding most of the same specs as the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S will be more expensive but also have more advanced specs.
3. Touch ID: Only for the iPhone 5S, the sensor is built right into the home button and adds a new level of security and usability to your phone.
4. iWork: A set of productivity apps will be available for free with iOS7, including:
- Keynote: create presentations from your phone.
- Pages: a document editor.
- Numbers: a spreadsheet design program.
5. 64-bit Processor: A drastic leap in graphic processor, as the last iPhone was 32-bit. It will greatly enhance the mobile gaming landscape.

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photo via engadget
Don Schaefer
Sr. Coordinator, Social Media
Consumer Technology Association
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