Our Corporate Culture:

High energy. Fast-paced. Hard working. Fun.

Our Work Style

Our industry provides the tools to allow a more flexible work style. We embrace getting our work done in the context of your lifestyles. Wireless phones, remote Internet access, tablets and more are all creating new work style options. 

What does work style mean for CTA staff? It means enjoying an open, friendly and collaborative workplace environment. We want our work environment to be as productive and efficient as possible for all employees. 

CTA embraces an open-door policy and encourages staff to participate in a variety of cross-functional teams. We believe in teamwork and in utilizing our employees' wide variety of skills and talents.

Teleworking Works for Us

We believe in the power of teleworking - substituting networking and technology for travel to the workplace. Teleworking employees must provide their own appropriate workspace at home, including computer, Internet access and appropriate child care. CTA does provide  broadband reimbursement of up-to 50 percent of your Internet cost annually.

Other Highlights
  • CTA's Wellness Program, which includes corporate fitness programs such as Boot Camp and Strength Training, which take place after work Monday through Thursday, and Yoga during lunch on Tuesday. CTA also has an on-site fitness facility open to all employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • CTA is located two blocks from the Crystal City Metro and offers subsidized Metrochecks for full-time employees.
  • DVD Lending Library - CTA has a wide selection of popular DVDs for staff to borrow for free.
  • Flexible work arrangement- We understand that sometimes you may need to come in early to leave early or vice versa. Work with your supervisor on a flexible work arrangement.
  • CTA's Check It Out Program- CTA has the most up-to-date technology and this program allows you to use it without purchasing it.  Check It Out gives you the opportunity to borrow new technology, such as the iPad or Google Glass for a 2 week period of time.