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Work at CTA

Be a part of the digital revolution!

The consumer technology marketplace is a $285 billion industry that includes innovative products such as wireless phones, digital television and handheld computers. As technology advances, we at CTA work every day to expand this ever-changing industry. With new products changing both the way we live, and the way we work, CTA helps integrate the digital future into peoples lives.

Advancing the Consumer Technology Industry

At CTA, we:  

  • Educate consumers about the wonders and possibilities of technology
  • Create a favorable public policy environment for technology and the technology industry
  • Produce CES, the largest consumer technology show in the world
  • Track and promote emerging technologies
  • Identify and interpret sales data and purchase patterns around the world
  • Conduct insightful and essential consumer and market research studies
  • Develop standards that make it easier to introduce new technologies
  • Connect manufacturers, retailers, consumers and other key audiences
  • Shape the future of technology